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Khârn-Âges© is a pure skirmish game (3 to 5 miniatures by Spearhead) that takes place in the medieval world of Safar. The Kharns reign supreme, but many are those who covet the throne and are ready to unleash their armies to access it.


With a D10 system, the games, lasting about an hour, use alternating activations, during which simple warriors (Level 1) and legendary champions (up to level 3) come together while spending their action points to achieve the objectives.


The real revolution of Khârn-Ages ©, is that you will be able to decide what your fighter will accomplish with rare precision in all simplicity: each characteristic engaged in a combat action (attack, defense, shooting, etc.) can lead to an effect (moving, repeling, increasing damage, free attack); combining them you will master the clashes and impose your strategy.


Chance will no longer be the excuse of the weak: the higher the level of a miniature, the more dice it rolls (keeping only 1 result) to perform its actions, so you minimize your risk of failure and can focus on the steps that lead to victory.

Mastery dice still reduce the risk of fumble, but be sure to use them at the right time!


You will gradually discover the mechanisms and the universe of Khârn-Ages © through the different pages of this site, we will gather all the useful information, interviews and videos, all downloads, links and official visuals. It will also allow you to go in one click to the official Kickstarter page of Khârn-Ages © (accessible from March 2019):